Saturday, June 7, 2008

Destination Walking

A little over a year ago, Carol read
an article that referred to “Destination Walking.” In other words, add variety to your walking routine by going to another neighborhood, park, or even town. We began trying this on Saturday mornings to add to our “breakfast date” routine. We would find an unusual breakfast place in an area that would make an interesting walk.

Today, Carol & I ate at Tasi, a great cafe in the Short North. Then we took a walk around the Short North which provided us with varied scenes of eclectic houses, historical landmarks and a beautiful park (Goodale). One of the historical landmarks was Russell Baptist Church which is now a law office on Russell Street. Actually, as a teenager, Carol used to attend "youth rallies" there when it was called Central Baptist Church. We captured some photos from our Saturday walk. Check them out above. There is a picture of the bricks on the street that have the location of the town where they were made. I found it interesting some of these bricks came from Nelsonville, the town where my mom grew up and where my grandpa pastored.

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