Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Staying Alive @ 55

Today is my fifty fifth birthday. I know you can’t believe it, but it’s true. Nevertheless I thought maybe I would reflect a little on the “benefits” of being so “old”. So here are my Top Ten Reasons I Love Being Alive @ 55.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being Alive @ 55

I don't have to wear polyester “leisure suits" or listen to John Travolta to be "cool."

9. I can order from the over 55 menu at Bob Evans without asking “permission."

8. I can call or text message my kids on their cell phone instead of whistling for them to come home.

7. I can google "stuff" on wikipedia instead of look it up in an out of date encyclopedia.

6. I can listen to my music on an I-pod with stereo head phones instead of a six transistor radio with a single ear phone.

5. I can still wrestle with my 4 boys even though they can probably beat me.

4. I get to wake up in the morning with Carol, my wife of 12,586 days next me.

3. I have the opportunity to "journey" with a great group of people at Journey Church.

2. I have seen the incredible mercies of God that are "new every morning."

1. and even though I can't get 55% off my bill at Bill Knapps (anybody remember that) I can still enjoy eating chocolate cake on my birthday.


Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Dennis!! Corey says you don't look that old! Hope you had a great day!

jim chadwick said...

Happy Birthday Denny!

We love you!

Jim, Nancy, Payton & Connor

Aaron said...

Happy Birthday my friend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Terri Byers said...

Happy belated birthday, Denny!

clayburkle said...

I would love to see you pull #10 out of the closet and bee-bop to #6 while on your way to a fun afternoon with #3... as long as #4 allows it... and just wondering why #4 isn't #1.

Well anyway... Happy Birthday!

Ted Williams said...

I've never even heard of Bill Knapps. Happy Birthday anyway.

Anonymous said...


Will prayed for Journey Church at prayer meeting last week. We're pulling for you. Read about Wilbur Chapman and how prayer changed his church. I know--he's old--but so is prayer!!
Hi to Carol and others.
Pattie and Will

Brian said...

I loved Bill Knapps! Give me the cheeseburger basket with a cup of bean soup and the chocolate cake, Yum!! The cake was best the next morning for breakfast right out of the fridge.
Oh, and Happy Birthday!