Monday, March 31, 2008

Waffling at First Watch

I went to breakfast at First Watch today. I met a friend there for lunch. I ordered my favorite, the Trivecta. It's a great breakfast, an airy waffle, two eggs over medium and two strips of bacon. I go there almost as much as I go to Panera so I know the waitresses and they know me. The waitresses had recently gotten married, so I asked her how married life was. She said great except her husband was going to be mad at her because she lost the setting in her wedding ring. I didn’t realize she had just lost it and was in the process of looking for it between waiting tables, but she was. What I should have done is stopped to pray with her, but I didn’t. Later she came and told me she found it, but since I didn’t pray with her before, I missed the opportunity to let her know that God cares about the things that we care about.

That seems to be the lesson of Jesus first miracle at the wedding of Cana of Galilee (John 2:1-11). At the wedding Jesus turns water into wine. Just like losing a diamond, running out of wine was not a life and death situation but it certainly was important. Besides embarrassment, some commentators inform us that litigation was possible. (Can you imagine being sued for not providing enough food and drink at a marriage ceremony?) Miraculously Jesus turns the water into wine and not only avoids embarrassment for the family but impresses the guests by serving the best wine last.

The key was Mary came to Jesus at the moment of her crisis, When the wine was gone, Jesus' mother said to him, "They have no more wine, v.3." What crisis are you facing today? Who are you turning to? No matter what your crisis is, you can come to Jesus.

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