Monday, March 17, 2008

Top Five Things to Do With Easter Peeps

OK, you’ve see them every Easter. They are those tasty little marshmallow-y treats shaped like baby chicks. They come in yellow (original color), white, pink, violet, and blue. Peeps are the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy and are only 34 calories a piece. But besides being a delicious, calorie conscience candy treat, they also make for some great entertainment. Here is a list of the top 5 fun things to do with these widely popular Easter treats.

5) Peep Smores – That’s right you can make old-fashioned smores with any color peeps. Take a graham cracker and place half of a Hershey chocolate candy bar on half of the graham cracker and instead of a marshmallow, place a marshmallow peep on top the chocolate then top it all off with the second half of the graham cracker. Place in the microwave on a microwave safe plate for approximately 20-30 seconds. (be careful not to place in the microwave for too long, the peep can explode and make a mess, ie. refer to number 4)

4) Peep Jousting – Take two Easter Peeps insert a toothpick a quarter of the way into the front of each peep. Place them on a microwave safe plate directly opposite one another. Put the plate of peeps in the microwave for 60 seconds or till they explode. Remove the plate and see which Peep has "stabbed" the other peep with it's toothpick. The Easter Peep whose toothpick is piercing the other peep is the winner!

3) Peep eating contest – Invite your friends over and see who can eat the most Easter Peeps in a 30 minute period. The world record is 102. (At that rate you might want them to bring their own)

2) Peep fondue party – Take your left over chocolate Easter bunnies and melt them in a fondue pot. Skewer your Easter peeps and dip in the chocolate and enjoy. You may want to have other items for dipping.

1) Hide and “peep” – (My favorite!) This game is like “hide and seek” only you hide the peeps. After hiding the peeps send your family or friends off to find as many peeps as they can. Award them points for each peep they find. For fun use different colored peeps and give each color a different point value.

Optional: Don’t Make a "Peep." You might want to play this game if you’ll having trouble getting your kids to go to sleep after eating too much Easter candy. Place a package of three peeps by their bed and promise them they can eat them tomorrow if they go to sleep and don’t make a “peep”. If they’re not quiet and you have to come in, take one peep away each time you have to come in the room. Hopefully they will have a least one left by the time they go to sleep.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately Peeps will be harmed in all of the above activities. Please do not attempt these things at home without parental supervision.


Vicki said...

Sounds like a fun house church evening to me!

I would suggest using two different color peeps for #4, it could be a little confusing to figure out who wins if you have a microwave that rotates!

Thanks for the suggestions!


Ted Williams said...

Yeah, I really need to try the peep jousting thing...great thought on the different colors, Vicki! I wonder what else we could do use for micro-jousting....