Monday, March 17, 2008

Preparing for Easter

Did you realize Easter is THIS SUNDAY!? It’s the earliest ever in my life time and probably yours (unless you are 95 or older. The last time it was this early was 1913. The next time Easter will be this early (March 23) will be the year 2228, 220 years form now.) So what’s my point? My point is, now that Easter is almost here, how are you going to observe it?

When the boys were young we used to get them matching outfits. Actually Grandma got them matching outfits. (thanks Mom!) We also colored Easter Eggs, had our own Easter Egg hunt and went to church. We usually had a Good Friday Service, Easter Sunrise Service, Sunday School and Morning Worship.

How do you “celebrate” Easter? Well, over the next several days I want to share a few suggestions with you of how you can prepare and observe Easter. Feel free to share with me your ideas too. First, you can read a series of daily Scripture readings. The scriptures are all taken from the Gospel of Mark and follow the events of Jesus during his last week leading up to His death, burial and resurrection. If you want to involve the entire family, just for fun you could put each day’s verses on a separate piece of paper and then put them in a plastic egg. One for each day. Mark each egg with the appropriate day of the week (ie Monday, Tuesday, etc. . .) You could even put something unique in each egg to visualize the object of the day’s reading. See examples below.

Monday (Mark 11:1-11) Triumphal Entry (branch or leaf)

Tuesday (Mark 11:12-19) Cursing of the Fig Tree & Cleansing of the Temple (coin)

Wednesday (Mark 14:1-11) Prediction of Crucifixion, Anointing by Mary and Betrayal (perfume)

Thursday (Mark 14:12-42) The Last Meal, Peter’s Denial Foretold, In the Garden (cracker)

Friday (Mark 15:1-47) Jesus’ trial and crucifixion (nail)

Saturday (Mark 15:24-16:1) Burial and Sabbath day (stone)

Sunday (Mark 16:2-13) Resurrection (piece of cloth or empty to represent the empty tomb)


Krysty said...

Are those really your boys? None of them look the same!! I'm sure they love that picture...priceless.

dennis said...

Thanks Krysty,

I had one with Carol in it, but decided not to use that!