Sunday, October 21, 2007

A-maize-ing Blue!

It wasn't so bad wearing "maize & blue" for the weekend, especially since both "maize & blue" teams I was cheering for won. Matt scored the winning goal for the Cedarville Yellow Jackets and WVU won over Mississippi State.

I will be wearing my "maize & blue" at least a few more times as Cedarville finishes their regular season with games against Urbana University and Houghton College and hopefully tournament play.

Go Jackets!


Matt said...

That's a cool picture!

Krysty said...

Um, did you know you owe Matt a dollar? You mentioned his name! :-) Just trying to help your boys drain you even more!

dennis said...

Hey Krysty,

Thanks for the reminder. You're right, I mentioned his name. I don't think he'll mind. I probably owe him more than that since I used his picture too! Oh well. It's worth it.

dennis said...

Hey Matt,

Thanks for your comment. Do you play soccer? They won their game against Urbana and so are playing the number 1 seed in the conference tournament next Wednesday! Thanks again.