Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Go Blue?

So now that I have your attention, why would a Scarlet and Gray fan ever even think of wearing Maize and Blue. Because Maize and Blue are also the team colors for Cedarville University and West Virginia University. Those are both teams we are going to be rooting for this weekend. Our son plays soccer for Cedarville and they are playing Kings College in Bristol Tennessee, so we are going down to see the game. I can't tell you which son or I'd owe him a dollar. (It's an arrangement I had with the boys when they were young, so they wouldn't dread it when I mentioned their name)

On the way home we're stopping in Morgantown to visit some "old friends" and go to a West Virginia game. I don't see how it can compare to a game at "the shoe" but, it'll still be fun because we are going with friends. So in spite of the fact that Maize and Blue are also the colors of the team up north (ie Michigan), those are the colors I'll be wearing this weekend. So go blue! At least this weekend.

P.S. His name is Matthew. Tim is going to Michigan for fall break and Jonathan is coming up from Charlotte to see his brother's game while Ben has to stay home to work. Oops. . . now I owe them all a dollar.


Carol said... if the boys get a $1, I think I should get $10 for you posting my homecoming picture!

Ted said...

I'd hold out for $20, Carol!

dennis said...


I think you deserve more than $10, but I think I'd be broke if I had to pay you for every sermon illustration you've provided me, especially the ones I've on Friday mornings at FML. Thanks though for putting up with me and for laughing at my jokes!

MarkK said...

What a weekend with Matt being the hero in soccer! The pic on the Cedarville University Athletic web site should go in Sports Illustrated!