Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Reading

Ok, so I didn’t get all the reading done I wanted to on vacation but I did get some reading done and for what it’s worth, here are a couple of quotes that God hit me with while I was away. Maybe some day I'll write more about each of them since they all tell a story about the journey thus far.

God is more interested in the workman than the work, Warren Wiersbe, Be Joyful, p. 64

If we are going to seize divine moments, we must accept the reality that we have no control over many things. Erwin McManus, Seize the Moment, p. 68

I had stuff that wouldn’t let go of me because I wouldn’t let go of it.

. . .remember, though we are time travelers, we were designed to go forward, not backward. When you keep traveling backward, it tears away at your soul. Erwin McManus, Seize the Moment, p. 16

P.S. Thanks especially to my friend Aaron who reminded in a one of his posts of a book we read together. It’s one of those books that after you’ve read it you can’t stay where you are. Maybe that’s one of the reasons he’s on a journey “seizing his divine moment”

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Aaron Conrad said...

Hey Denny! Thanks for the mention in your blog. Hope you had a great vacation. I had about 12 hours on the road in the past 48 to think and pray over grasping our moments as well. McManus was no doubt a mouthpiece for those that are (as Garth Brooks once said) "choosing to chance the rapids and daring to dance the tides". Thanks for introducing me to "Chasing the Daylight". It has been a travel guide for the journey more than once! Apprecaite you my friend!