Saturday, July 12, 2008

Share the Journey

This week we started vacation. Vacation for our family is a real time for connecting. . .connecting with family and with God. Besides my immediate family, Ben and Erin, Jonathan and Kayla, Tim and Matt, my brother and his family along with their three boys and my mom are coming. Also this year my “older” sister, Diane and her husband Mike are coming, too!

Besides connecting with family I am looking forward to connecting with God as well. Vacation for me is a major time of reflection. It’s almost like New Year’s. It’s a time I tend to look back as well as look ahead. A year ago I “got out of the boat” and resigned from a fairly comfortable position at a great church. I had sensed for a while that God had something else for us, and little did I know that it would be to plant a church in my home town with a special group of friends.

I doubt that I will get to them all but I brought a number of books I hope to get to read, some for the first time and others for a second time. Some of the books I brought are for the current sermon series at journey church. They are commentaries on the book of Philippians. Another one is a study in Proverbs that I hope to do with the family. Also, there are some books I hope to read for ministry and personal development. They include 7 Practices of Effective Ministry, by Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner and Lane Jones, Disciples are Made Not Born, by Walter Henrichsen, The Disciplines of Grace by Jerry Bridges and Chasing Daylight by Ervin McManus. And, if I feel like it, a book by Peter Scazzero, The Emotionally Healthy Church.

I also brought some games which we love to play: Crowns. Phase 10, Skip Bo, Hit the Deck, Sequence and Dominos. Somehow, I think a week isn’t going to be enough time to it all, plus walk, swim and eat! But, we’ll sure give it a try. Meantime, I hope I’ll get a chance to share the journey some more with you when I get a chance.

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