Monday, May 19, 2008

Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves Every Day

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Basics 2008 Pastor's Conference. It was held at Parkside Church in Chagrin Falls. The theme was Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves. It's a concept that I feel I am just beginning to understand. . . the fact that we need the gospel not just for salvation but for every day after that. Somewhere it seems we have bought into the fact that our behavior will bring blessing and when we do we leave the grace of God behind making us proud when we have a good day and guilt ridden when we don't.

Jerry Bridges (one of the conference speakers) in his book, the Discipline of Grace says,

"Preaching the gospel to ourselves every day address both the self-righteous Pharisee and the guilt-laden sinner that dwell in our hearts. Because the gospel is only for sinners preaching it to ourselves every day reminds us that we are indeed sinners in need of God's grace. It helps us to consciously renounce any confidence in our own goodness as a means of meriting God's blessing on our lives.

Perhaps more important, though, preaching the gospel to ourselves every day gives us hope, joy and courage. The good news that our sins are forgiven because of Christ's death fills our hearts with joy, gives us courage to face the day, and offers us hope that God's favor will rest upon us, not because we are good, but because we are in Christ." p. 26,27

Anyway I just wanted to share with you what's on my heart to today and how thankful I am for the Gospel. No wonder the apostle Paul said, "Let Him who boasts boast in the Lord" 2 Corinthians 10:17

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