Monday, May 12, 2008


The results of the survey are in and the number one TV mom is, you guessed it. . .Carol Brady from the TV show The Brady Bunch. The number 2 TV mom was Mrs. C, Marion Cunningham of Happy Days. The number 3 mom was June Lockart of Lassie and Lost in Space.

We shared these and the rest of the results of the survey last night at journey church. It was a fun way to celebrate Mother's Day and to honor our moms. The answer to the rest of the questions are below. Check them out to see how they compare with the things then enjoy this video in honor of our moms. Thanks mom!

2. How many times a week growing up did you eat supper together?

72% Every night
18% 6 nights a week
10% 5 nights a week

3. What is one of your favorite “momilies” (as my mom used to say)? Have you ever used it with your kids?

#3 "Stop crying or I'll give you somehting to cry about."
#2 "Because I said so."
#1 "Wait till you dad get's home."

Truth is everyone said they at sometime or another have said the same thing to their kids that their mother said to them.

4. What’s one “everyday” fun thing you remember doing with you mom?

#3 Baking and cooking

#2 Playing games

#1 Eating together

5. What important lesson(s) did your mom teach you?

Be your own person, don't worry about what others think.
When you work on somthing, give it your all.
Cook, clean and do laundry.
that I could do anything I want to
Treat others they wasy I would want to be treated
to know God, prayer and serve others.

Thanks again for helping out.

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dennis said...

Here's a comment from my "little brother". Thanks Bro! Love you too.

It’s Darrel – your little brother.

Thanks for putting up this blog. I love hitting your site and seeing what’s new. I “steal” some things and use it during the announcements and opening of our Sunday services.

Last week I used the survey questions in the Senior High Sunday School class I was teaching then compared their answers to the answers on the website. What a difference between the generations!

The ER video is powerful. It makes you glad to know the truth and sends a charge of electricity through your spirit; a charge that makes you want to take on the modern day thinkers.

I hope all is going well. I keep you and your “journey” in my prayers.

Thanks for doing what you are doing! God is being glorified!!!!

I love you man!