Saturday, November 17, 2007

Game Day in Columbus

Ever wonder what its like in Columbus on the morning before THE GAME? Today, Ohio State plays the University of Michigan for the Big Ten championship and a change to go to the Rose Bowl and perhaps beyond. To get in the spirit of the day, we decided to go to Tommy's Diner for breakfast. Tommy's is an old-school diner in the shadows of downtown Columbus. It's an institution in Columbus that Carol & I went to when we were kids (it was Ater's then.) Anyone else remember that? It's owned by Tommy Pappas. Today he was at the grill cooking up pancakes, eggs, and everything this is good (not good for you) breakfast. Everybody there was dressed in Scarlett & Gray, including the waitresses. To entertain the customers while eating, Tommy shouts out "O" "H" and the customers respond with "I" "O". That's a battle cry unique to Buckeye fans and annoying to everyone else. Get in the spirit with us by checking out these pictures of Tommy at the grill and the waitresses & customers in their Scarlett & Gray. That's all for now. the game is ready to begin. GO BUCKS - BEAT MICHIGAN!!!

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clayburkle said...

Great family pics. A picture is worth a thousand words.